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Seeking Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) For Youth

CASA of Cuyahoga County, a program of Child and Family Advocates of Cuyahoga County, recruits, screens, trains, and supports volunteers who act as independent fact-finders for the court in cases involving child abuse and neglect. 

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 9:07 PM, 08.31.2017

Cleveland Leadership Program Seeks 2017 Applicants

In 2006, the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation, along with former Cleveland Mayor Michael White, established a leadership training program for engaged community leaders. The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program is a free, 16-session community engagement training program for residents of Cleveland, and its inner ring suburbs, who are working on projects within the City of Cleveland and who are determined to make a positive impact on their communities.

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Volume 2, Issue 3, Posted 10:28 PM, 06.19.2017

Family fun at the Ohio City Games

When Theresa Gorski sets her sights on something, it happens. The energetic, enthusiastic and community-driven Gorski is the owner of Vision Yoga & Wellness on West 25th St. in Ohio City.  Four years ago she had an idea to bring family-friendly, healthy fun to the community. And that is how the Ohio City Games came to be.

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 9:37 PM, 06.11.2017

3D printing and other tech services you didn't know the library offers

Cleveland Public Library has been at the cutting edge of library services since the late 1800’s when it became the first large, urban public library to "open the stacks" to the public. What are "open stacks," you ask?  It is the once radical idea of allowing library patrons to browse the stacks, look at books, and select for themselves what they wanted. Previously—and in many public libraries for years afterwards—patrons had to tell a librarian what book they wanted, or what subject piqued their interest, and a library employee would retrieve books for the patron. Only librarians had direct access to the books. Can you imagine if libraries still worked like this?

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 9:26 PM, 06.11.2017

Sewer Project to Impact Superior Avenue

Ohio City motorists commuting  to downtown Cleveland will be impacted by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s Superior Stones Canal CSO Improvements Project. Beginning May 19, 2017, construction will reduce Superior Avenue to one eastbound lane and one westbound lane between W. 6th Street and W. 9th Street.

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 10:37 PM, 06.03.2017

'Thank you!' from Pride in the CLE

1,000 Marchers

64 community groups

60 volunteers

18 sponsors

13 days

3 co-chairs

1 goal: Showcase the strength and visibility of the diverse LGBT community of Greater Cleveland.

In the wake of an unexpectedly cancelled pride event, a collection of community organizations and individuals worked tirelessly to plan and execute “Pride in the CLE”— a festival and community-run event open to the public. The event was a first-time endeavor led by the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland.

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Volume 1, Issue 5, Posted 5:41 PM, 09.01.2017

How Far Will You Go For Water?

How far will you go for water today? If you’re like me, you just have to walk to your sink. Is that 4 feet? Maybe 4 meters?

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Volume 1, Issue 2, Posted 9:20 PM, 05.10.2016

Refugee Response Produce sold at the Ohio City Farm Stand, Open in June

This weekend, June 3rd and 4th, the Ohio City Farm Stand opens for the 2016 growing season.  The Farm Stand is open Fridays, 11am to 3pm and Saturdays, 9am to 3pm.  Throughout the growing season we will offer The Refugee Response Produce—that is local, organically-grown produce nurtured and harvested by refugee farmers at the Ohio City Farm and Urban Community School.

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Volume 1, Issue 2, Posted 4:19 PM, 06.07.2016

Pop-Up Shops Bring the Hustle in Gordon Square

If you live in, near, or just frequent the Gordon Square Arts District/Detroit Shoreway neighborhood you may have noticed a flurry of activity the past couple of weeks. There have been men running around with cameras, and various men and women standing around with clipboards and earpieces looking official.  All of the activity seemed to have centered on a bevy of pop-up stores hosted by a handful of local entrepreneurs.

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Volume 1, Issue 2, Posted 9:17 PM, 05.10.2016

Want to be an Ambassador for Cleveland?

Curious about how the Republican Convention is going to impact Cleveland (my new home, but actually in Lakewood and more people know where Cleveland is than Lakewood), wondering how the city is preparing for it and being a former member of the NYC Press Corps, I did some digging around and stumbled upon the Destination Cleveland site through some connections I had at my "Faces of Lakewood" Twitter page.

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Volume 1, Issue 2, Posted 9:20 PM, 05.10.2016

The Mural Work of Haley Morris' Memorabilia Productions

Exploring businesses in the neighborhood you may have come to familiarize yourself with a lot of diverse murals. Several of them are painted by me! I'm Haley Morris and have lived around the near west side since 2009.

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Volume 1, Issue 2, Posted 9:20 PM, 05.10.2016

SPACES Announces Plans to Move to the Van Rooy Coffee Building

SPACES is pleased to announce the acquisition of the ground floor of the historic Van Rooy Coffee Building, located at 2900 Detroit Avenue. It will join a dynamic group of small businesses and nonprofit organizations in the area, including Transformer Station, Intermuseum Conservation Association, and The Music Settlement.

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 6:56 PM, 03.25.2017

Van Crashes in to Thomas Food Mart

Thomas Food Mart on Detroit and W. 45th was possibly the latest victim in the rash of "smash and grabs" that have occured in Cleveland recently.

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 11:20 AM, 03.28.2016

Know Your Neighbor. Love Your Neighbor. - Bob “Lorain Avenue’s Hotdog Vendor”

His name is Bob. There’s a fantastic chance you know who he is already. Better yet, there is a fantastic chance that you know of him already. After all, we are learning together that to be “known of” and to be “known” are two different things. Our goal with this project is to put names to the faces, and share stories that go along with the individuals.

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 4:34 PM, 03.24.2016