Van Crashes in to Thomas Food Mart

Thomas Food Mart (Detroit and W. 45th) smashed to pieces.

Photo credit: Adam Jaenke

Very early Sunday morning, March 27th, the front Thomas Food Mart on Detroit and W. 45th was smashed in by a van.  Although the ATM was not stolen, residents suspect this may have been another attempt in the rash of "smash and grabs" that have occured in Cleveland recently.

In a "smash and grab", a vehicle is stolen and driven in to a building, often a convenient store or drugstore, in order to gan access to the inside.  Commonly, ATM's are stolen as well as any other easily accessible items.

One of my favorite things to see in the summer while riding my bike down Detroit is seeing the guys at Thomas outside with their smoker.  They set up a few tents and cook food for their buddies and enjoy our few months of hot weather.  Here's to hoping they can rebuild and will continue to remain in their storefront.

Photo Credit: Adam Jaenke

Erika Durham

Erika Durham is the Editor in Chief of the Ohio City/Tremont Observer.  She is the owner of Canopy Collective in Ohio City.  Although she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classical Saxophone, she has largely worked in counseling and small business management.

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