About Us

The Ohio City | Tremont Observer is the gift of local businesses and residents to our fellow residents and businesses. The core group that started this paper has over experience of living and working in Ohio City | Tremont for decades, and now look to bring everyone together to help define, promote and enjoy living in our community.

The Ohio City | Tremont Observer is based in Ohio City and 99% of the people associated with the paper live and/or work in Ohio City or Tremont. The Ohio City | Tremont Observer is not competing with other papers; far from it. We are trying to go deeper into the stories covered by these papers while highlighting some of the things they have overlooked.

What also makes us different is our goal/mission; to help this city know itself better than any city has before. The way in which we will accomplish this goal is to engage all residents and businesses in the project. Tell us the stories we need to hear, so that we may write them and get them out, or better still, write the story yourself and send it in. We will also be looking at some of the tough social/urban issues and ways to work with them or around them. Many Observers are active in politics, schools business, entertainment, and just plain active in Ohio City | Tremont area.

Finally, we hope that the Ohio City | Tremont Observer becomes the city's "Small Town Newspaper," a single source for news, schedules activities, and announcements. If you know of an event, drop us a line: we would be happy to cover it, From Kiwanis meetings to weddings, from school events to anniversaries, from business openings to political races, you will find it, or space for it here at the Observer.

Please enjoy it, and join us.

Jolie Higazi (Ohctremontobserver@gmail.com)
Betsy Voinovich
Jim O'Bryan