'Thank you!' from Pride in the CLE

Co-chairs Christie Campanile, Daniel Hamilton, and Jacob Nash with Mayor Frank Jackson. 

1,000 Marchers

64 community groups

60 volunteers

18 sponsors

13 days

3 co-chairs

1 goal: Showcase the strength and visibility of the diverse LGBT community of Greater Cleveland.

In the wake of an unexpectedly cancelled pride event, a collection of community organizations and individuals worked tirelessly to plan and execute “Pride in the CLE”— a festival and community-run event open to the public. The event was a first-time endeavor led by the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland.

On August 13, after a mere 13 days of planning, about 1,000 people from 64 community groups marched across the Detroit-Superior Bridge to Public Square, where thousands of more attendees enjoyed music, entertainment, speakers, and exhibitors. And while the rain eventually made its grand entrance that afternoon, it also brought a perfectly timed double-rainbow arching in the sky above downtown.

The vision of the “Pride in the CLE” planning committee was carried out by co-chairs Christie Campanile, Daniel Hamilton, and Jacob Nash who worked countless hours in the planning and execution of the event. The trio came together to collaboratively plan an event that would be as inclusive as possible of the full spectrum of identities within the LGBTQ+ communities.

On behalf of all those involved in planning and orchestrating the event, we would like to thank the community for their insistence on having an outlet to celebrate the LGBT community and for supporting the efforts of “Pride in the CLE.” This would not have happened without your proud presence and support—we cannot thank you enough.


A special thanks is also in order for the following supporters:

AIDS Funding Collaborative

AIDS Task Force of Greater Cleveland

State Representative Nickie J. Antonio


Christie Campanile

City of Cleveland and Dept. of Economic Development

Cleveland City Council

Cleveland Foundation

Cleveland Police Department

Cleveland Steering Committee

Cleveland Stonewall Democrats

Al Cowger



Dave’s Market

Equality Ohio

John Farina

Brynna Fish

Council President Kevin Kelly

Gay Games 9

GLSEN Northeast Ohio


Daniel Hamilton

Phyllis “Seven” Harris


The LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

Margie’s Hope

Councilman Kerry McCormack

Movement in Black

Jake Nash

North Coast Men’s Chorus

Gail L. Palmer


Darl Schaaf

Kevin Schmotzer

Stonewall Sports



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