Ohio City Observer Links

Local art and mid-century boutique, gallery, and event space located in the Lorain Avenue Historic District.
Duck Island
Duck Island Development Collaborative is an urban redevelopment effort implementing sustainable community enhancement in Duck Island, a traditional neighborhood that is perfectly situated for mixed-use, transit-orientated living.
One curmudgeon's opinions-- but he uses lots of big words to make up for the micro- in the microblog.
Hingetown is a part of the Ohio City neighborhood in Cleveland. Hingetown has a kick ass art museum, unbelievably delicious coffee, the best florist, dynamic residential opportunities, & much much more. It's located between Ohio City's Market District, Gordon Square Arts District, and the Warehouse District.
Lakewood Observer, Inc.
The original Observer project. The history making project that completely reinvented alternative media for the community by the residents.
Ohio City Incorporated
Ohio City Incorporated (OCI) is the community development corporation responsible for preserving, promoting and developing the Ohio City neighborhood.
The Cleveland Tango School
An old dance for a new generation, Tango is perfect for poets and engineers alike. Absolute beginners welcome, The Cleveland Tango School operates out of Vision Yoga and Wellness on W 25th Street. Class series are 4 weeks long, starting on the first Monday of the month.
Tremont West Development Corp.
For the past 30 years, Tremont West Development Corporation, a non-profit organization, has been working with residents, business owners and other community partners including the City of Cleveland to create a dynamic community.
Weenie a Go Go
Local beef hot dogs ! Veggie dogs ! Lots of fun toppings.
West Side Market
Cleveland's oldest public market.